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Veneers can be the solution for misaligned, crowded, broken, chipped or permanent stained teeth and can used to improve the overall appearance of your teeth for a natural beautiful smile.

Veneers are a strong and durable thin facing that is placed on to the front surface of the tooth and can either be made from a composite resin or a porcelain material depending on your personal requirements.

The first stage of treatment is known as the examination and diagnostic stage. This is where your dentist identifies the current condition of your teeth, any oral health concerns, what you would like to achieve, takes intraoral and extraoral photographs and explains the veneer process to you.

The next step of treatment would be the preparation of your tooth / teeth which is normally completed under local anaesthetic so that you are comfortable during the whole process. Your dentist will minimally prepare your tooth to provide the best fit for your new veneer and determine the correct shade for your veneer.

For porcelain veneers, the dentist will then take impressions for your veneer/s that will be sent off to our specialist laboratory technician to custom make your veneer/s. In a second appointment, the porcelain veneer will be fitted and checked for the correct shade, shape and length for you. Once both you and the dentist are happy with the veneer, the dentist will use dental cement to bond the veneer to your natural tooth.

For composite veneers, the dentist will apply a special resin to your teeth and appropriately shape and polish the material to build the natural looking veneer.

Once your veneers have been placed they require minimal maintenance and are relatively easy to care for when you attend regular dental check-ups.