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The removal of the tooth from its socket is called a tooth extraction. Our dentists do their best to leave the removal of a tooth as the last option however sometimes a tooth cannot be saved.

Tooth extractions occasionally are required for a tooth that has been;

  • Badly damaged
  • Decayed
  • Traumatised
  • Crowding the mouth
  • Infected / has a high infection rate
  • Hasn’t fallen out (baby teeth)

Our dentist will normally take an x-ray of the tooth and area around the tooth that they believe needs to be extracted so that they can plan the tooth’s extraction. These x-rays can normally be done within the practice however sometimes your dentist will ask you to have a special x-ray taken called an OPG.

Your dentist will confirm your medical and dental history with you before an extraction and clearly inform you of the risks involved with the type of extraction you are having. Our dentist, Dr. Chau Nguyen is high skilled in the extraction of teeth, ensuring you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

The extraction of a tooth usually consists of the dentist providing you with local anesthetic in the area of the extraction to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The dentist will then use specialized instruments to remove your tooth from its socket.

After the extraction your dentist will go through and discuss your postoperative instructions. You will also receive these instructions in a written format for you to refer to later.

Options in replacing a missing tooth/teeth may be discussed and can include; implants, bridges, or dentures.