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The QST – quick straight teeth, system is a type of orthodontic treatment used to attain a healthier and more attractive straight smile. This orthodontic treatment comprises of clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to provide standard orthodontic mechanics in a fast and conventional manner for people.

The QST system provides our patients with:

  • A more aesthetically pleasing treatment process with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires
  • A faster and less invasive orthodontic treatment than conventional braces

The QST treatment process begins with a consultation appointment where your dentist will examine your teeth for orthodontic treatment (including xrays, intraoral photographs and impressions of your teeth) and discuss what the QST system can do for you plus your dentist will answer any queries you may have.

Upon approval from your dentist and yourself, the dentist will organise your second appointment for the placement of your orthodontic brackets and wires for the start of your treatment. Your dentist will then extensively discuss your new oral hygiene routine with you.

You will be required to come in for regular check ups where your dentist will review your orthodontic progress, oral hygiene and adjust your brackets and wires as per your treatment plan.

For more information on QST and how this orthodontic treatment could help you achieve your optimal smile please feel free to ask one of our dentists for a consultation appointment.