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A crown is a cap or cover for your tooth used to protect and restore the tooth to its natural appearance. A crown can be used to strengthen the condition of the natural tooth and protect it from deteriorating further.  A crown is usually recommended after:

  • A root canal treatment,
  • When the tooth has been heavily restored,
  • The tooth’s structure is compromised (fractured or cracked)
  • For further dental treatment such as a facilitation or attachment of bridge or denture,
  • To attach to an implant

Crowns come in a variety of materials and your dentist will determine what crown material would suit your tooth best depending on its location and specific requirements. At Diem Dental we use to best laboratory technicians in Melbourne to provide you with the best crown for your mouth.

To prepare your tooth for a crown your dentist will minimally reduce the tooth’s surface so that the crown can fit over the natural tooth. After preparing your tooth your dentist will then take an impression of the tooth for your crown. A temporary crown is fitted to protect the natural tooth between visits. During the second visit the temporary crown is removed and the crown is then permanently cemented over the natural tooth after your consent.

Once your crown has been placed your dentist will discuss with you how to care for your crown.